Rabbi Aaron Malinsky at Galilee Community General Jewish Hospital with our visitor Dr Brian Berman MD participated in our Friday weekly FREE Immunization program. Many children were Immunized that week.


Free Study programmes,the resources supporting Hebrew, explore Jewish ethics,Torah,Prayer,Chatan and Kallah lessons.


From Left to right is Rabbi Aaron Malinsky, Dr Brian Berman with his lovely wife Nora, at the dental facility located at the institute also where our synagogue is located, Thank you Dr Berman and your lovely wife Nora, for your kind interest in donating medical supplies and xray gear to help us better serve the community.


We need medical Volunteers in the Medical Sector(Public Health) in support of the growing number of patients treated at the Center Irrespective of their belief and Ethinic back ground, We consider all to be spiritually Jewish.


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Mission Statement

Our core beliefs bind us together - we believe that the Word of G-d is contained in One Book, known to us as TaNaKh (Torah, Prophets, Writings). When it comes to salvation issues, the WORD of G-D is the final authority.

Although we are separated by geographical location, we are nonetheless a community. We are a community of Believers that through our common love for Hashem have gathered together for fellowship, study and support, as a community should.

About Us

The Kampala Jewish Community and the synagogue is built along Mbogo Road in Kibuli. Our Shul was established in the year 1998. There are regular children's services and stimulating sermons. This lively synagogue holds regular events and has a vibrant religious, social and educational calendar.

Our small thriving Jewish community – welcoming community, providing formal and informal Jewish heritage.

Ritual: A Jewish life that integrates secular beliefs Abayudaya

In recent months, our membership, although small, has varied in size; many non-members and visitors participate in our community events and services. Unlike many Jewish communities in other parts of the country, our membership is actually growing slightly and we are very much a viable and sustainable congregation!

The leadership has from the outset, contained individuals of the highest calibre, many of whom in addition to the services they rendered to the Community, have indeed made their mark in uganda jewish public life. Jews have played their full part in the affairs of the medical sector & humanitarian help.





Local and foreign Rabbis pray in the synagogue of Putti next to Mbale
Rabbi Aaron Malinsky from the Jewish community of Antwerp, Belgium.
Also thanks to the local leaders Enosh Keki Mainah and Adam Hirschfield.

An interesting latest development occurred in 2012 with the possible recognition of the Putti Abuyadaya by Israel Jewish world, thanks to the efforts of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, founding Chief Rabbi of Efrat and Chancellor of Ohr Torah institutions